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New breakfasts facilities at Intermark Serviced Apartments

Dear guests and partners!

Intermark Serviced Apartments happy to introduce the new facilities of breakfast for our guests.

Rosinter Restaurants provides breakfasts in restaurants of chain: IL Patio, Costa Coffee, Planeta Sushi, TGI Fridays, American Bar & Grill and others. All restaurants are located in 5-10 minutes from Intermark Serviced Apartments.

Deposit cards from 500 rubles per 1 breakfast available for Intermark guests. Also guests could choose the restaurant near by or try the new one every day (also for business lunches and dinners). 

The menu for breakfasts include coffee/ tea and the main course of the specific cuisine: italian, japanese, european etc.

We can include the breakfasts in the final bill of accommodation.

IL Patio - italian style and cuisine. The main themes of the restaurant are traditional pizza & pasta. Friendly atmosphere and high class of service with good price is a motto of IL Patio.

"Planeta Sushi" (the planet of sushi) - democratic priced japanese restaurants. Perfect execution and traditions of east cuisine are always here. Japanese kitchen, atmosphere and philosophy combined with modern: bamboo and Wi-Fi.
Costa Coffee - coffee houses with easy atmosphere. This is a place to relax and good time. Coffee is roasted in London and all barista were educated in Costa Academy.  

 TGI Fridays - the menu consist of salads, steaks and originals cocktails. The feature is in a big portions. The bar in 70th XX century style and special lights create the atmosphere of friendly communication. 

"American Bar&Grill" – the bar in style of descendants of french colonisation. The feature is in a lot of tomatoes and spice dishes. This is a place for dinner, meetings with friends, business and family meetings.

For more information about Rosinter Restaurants please visit  www.rosinter.ru. 

Manager of Intermark Serviced Apartments could prepare the full information about menu of the restaurant you chooses with map and information about time of work.

Please remind that we also provide breakfasts at the Starbucks. Popular coffee, sandwiches and muffins you can get as a breakfast at nearest Starbucks. Deposit card from 500 Rur.

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